Elaine’s Garden Projects

older women with sunflowers

 Gardening and art program

The first grant I got was for a gardening and art project at the Boys and Girls Club of Moncton. I got enough funding to create some garden boxes, a compost bin, buy gardening tools, plant vegetables and for lots of art supplies. 

 Gardening and art lesson plans

The second grant I got was to take what I had learned in that first program and turn it into 11 lesson plans so other instructors could continue the work. 

 Food skills video project

Then we got a grant to create a series of videos on food skills of people in our area. There was everything from fireweed jelly to honey to fish. There are ten videos in all.

Gardens and workshops at La Solitude

The fourth year I got a grant to develop the capacity for growing food at La Solitude retreat centre in Memramcook. Among other things, we made a hugel.

Workshops at the Peter McKee Food Centre

In the fifth year  I got funding for food related workshops for the Peter McKee Centre in Moncton. Despite it being in the pandemic we had decent attendance and no one got sick. We also video recorded the events.