A New Gallery in St. Peters

Pepperell Place Inn has a new art gallery on the premises! Located in the village of Saint Peters, Cindy Walker, inn owner since 2021, says, “I just wanted to bring life back to this house — to bring it back to its glory.” And The Gallery at Pepperell Place is part of her plan to do just that, to make the community shine.  “Well, they do the shining. I just do the display,” she adds.

After moving her chocolate shop that used to occupy the space to the restaurant, Cindy had a new vision for the large, bright room. She believed visitors want to buy something from the area and The Gallery would help fill that need

“From the get-go, I wanted all kinds of things for people to choose from.” She set her sights on attracting local artists who produced original, high quality work. “I needed to see that there was talent behind it. I didn’t want anything that was mass-produced,” she emphasized. There is a variety of reasonably priced  art now on display.

Also, the space is for rent for meetings, private dinners and any other reason for a small gathering.

Pepperell Place Inn on Pepperell St. in St. Peters, NS.
Pepperell Place Inn on Pepperell St. in St. Peters, NS.

Artists and Artisans Represented

Alice Les Landes – clay sculptures

Andrea Querchfeld — acrylic painting on canvas

Bertha — lobster trap art

Bridget Dimock – fabric art

Calista Roach – canvas, burlap paintings

Tiffany McIntyre Brooke Design Studio – Silver Jewellery

Alvina Samson — wood statuettes

Calvin Samson — wood turning

Elaine Mandrona – watercolour, paintings on wood and bowls, clay sculpture

Cynthia Curtis Rockdale Designs — driftwood art

Gemma  Fimo — earrings

Saltwater Grace Designs — jewellery

Alex Briand  — driftwood walking sticks

Elaine Burke — denim bags