Using AI to Write Product Descriptions

Explore how ChatGPT can help you with product descriptions, merging AI capabilities with creative flair, to craft compelling narratives that save you time and spare you agony.

It’s mostly the agony part I get focused on when it’s time to do tedious work like marketing. Most of us want to spend all our time making things. Here’s an experiment I did with a photograph I have that’s mounted on a frame I made with reclaimed wood.

ChatGPT is an advanced AI language model developed by OpenAI for natural language processing tasks. Writing content is one of those possible tasks. There is a free version that’s perfectly useful if you work at off hours. I paid $20 US for a month for the upgrade. The upgrade has the option of their latest version, which is 4.0. But let’s get to the experiment.

Here’s the photo and frame detail:

two photos, one of photo of a crow and one of a frame detail

Prompts are everything

To get ChatGPT to work you enter a prompt. It could be a question, an assignment, whatever. Here’s what I wrote the first time. (Note: you can upload an image to ChatGPT 4 and start from that, but for this article I only use the text prompts because the free version, ChatGPT 3.5, doesn’t have that capability. I did try it with an uploaded image but found it came up with an inferior description. I’ll do another post comparing the two later.)

“Write a product description of the following: a monochrome photograph of a crow descending. There is motion blur and the background is blown out. It’s mounted on a frame I made from salvaged wood from a collapsed machine shed on a farm.”

This is what it gave me.

“**”Farmhouse Crow Descend” Monochrome Photograph**

Dive into the ethereal beauty of nature with this captivating monochrome photograph titled “Farmhouse Crow Descend.” The image captures a crow in mid-descent, its motion blur imbuing the piece with a sense of dynamic movement and fleeting time. The blown-out background ensures the bird remains the undoubted focal point, further accentuating its raw elegance.

What truly elevates this piece to a work of art is the frame. Handcrafted from salvaged wood of a collapsed machine shed on a rustic farm, the frame carries whispers of history and tales of time gone by. Its textured grains and natural imperfections only enhance the photograph’s aura, creating a harmonious blend of nature and nostalgia.

This photograph isn’t just a visual treat; it’s a story of heritage, of nature’s dance, and of a moment frozen in time, beautifully encapsulated within remnants of the past. A perfect statement piece for those who appreciate art with depth and narrative.”

There are some flaws —I don’t like the title, and the photo wasn’t taken at a farmhouse; that’s where I got the wood — but I was pleasantly surprised how professional it was and how appealing the product seemed. In fact, it was a lot bolder than I would have been. If I’m not satisfied, I can get ChatGPT to try again with some tweaks to the prompt or try a different prompt altogether. It never gets tired of you asking and never gets bored with the work.

All right, now Instagram

I then wanted an Instagram post so why not make it work a little more.

“Write an Instagram post about the same product but mention I took the photo in a park in Moncton.”

Here’s what it delivered.

“**New Release: “Farmhouse Crow Descend”**

Captured the raw beauty of a crow in mid-descent during a serene walk through a park in Moncton. This monochrome photograph, with its dynamic motion blur and ethereal blown-out background, holds a moment of nature’s dance.

But the story doesn’t end there. It’s framed with handcrafted wood, salvaged from a collapsed machine shed on a historic farm, adding layers of rustic charm and whispers of tales long past.

Nature’s elegance meets reclaimed history in one piece. Dive into this story of heritage and fleeting time. #MonctonMoments #NatureMeetsNostalgia #ArtWithAStory”

Again, I would work to tweak my prompt a bit but I would post that.

Whatever misgivings I’ve ever felt about Artificial Intelligence tend to evaporate when it not only makes my life easier, but helps me do things better. I’ll be doing more with this topic in the near future and be reporting back.

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Editor’s notes: 1. The Featured image at the top of the post was created using OpenAI’s Dalle-2 image generator. It was my first time trying it but I got an image I could use.


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